Consider our functional benefits.

    We only use encrypted WSS and HTTPS protocols;

    We use actually developed message formats;

    We use linear encryption (RS) and a crypto mechanism built into each client, without depending on the server side;

    Messages are displayed on the screen of the phone in the chat, in the form of system icons and Latin fonts, and are decrypted only when the chat itself is opened, provided the system knows the key;

    The program stores the history only in encrypted form, therefore, even having gained access to the device, it is very difficult to read something;

    A password is provided to enter the application; if it is not the wrong password, all the program data is deleted;

    The server will delete messages saved for the subscriber as soon as it receives a message delivery message from the client. Thus, even having gained access to the server message database, you will not be able to see the client’s correspondence;

    There is no client-server message synchronization function;

    When registering a client, a unique id token and Session Key are used, generated without binding to any user phone data. Also, during the first registration, such data is collected, for further identification, of the user as: IMEI number, device model, phone number, OS, Push token;

    The system does not allow finding 2 devices under one id token or Session Key, the latter is knocked out;

    The system allows the use of the service without identification of the SIM card of the device;

    Audio and video calls are implemented on the WebRTC standard that has been modified in terms of encryption. The use of this standard made it possible to use P2P connection between users, thereby increasing security. Requirements for establishing a call connection from 1 Mb / s;

    The server part is implemented without virtualization technology Xen and KVM, in secure Docker containers, which gives easy scalability, fault tolerance and superior security.

    Along the entire route, following your message is encrypted and “wrapped” in an encrypted protocol;

    Private and public keys are not sent over the internet;

    High degree of breaking resistance (15360 bits);

    The ability to quickly change the chat key at any time;

    The ability to set an individual key for each chat;

    The possibility of brute force chat chat is excluded;

    Chat messages are stored in the database in encrypted form, decrypted “on the fly” when entering the chat;

    The keys to the chats in the client are encrypted and hidden in the application code, you will not be able to get the keys after disassembling the APK archive;

    The application works stably on Android OS from 4.2 to 9.0, iOS from 8 to 12, as well as adjacent Android platforms such as Cyanogen;

    Our product has already been introduced to the market and is successfully used by users of Android, iOS, and WEB.

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