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Beeline mobile phone.

Be sure to read and distribute this if you have a Beeline mobile phone.
All money from your bank account can be stolen right now – a lot of victims per day. At the tariffs “All in one”, “Anlim”, “Family”, as well as other Beeline lines, home Internet and mobile communications contracts are combined.
From your personal account you can control both the telephone and the city connection. The hacked Beeline database, which the operator falsely calls “obsolete,” contains your logins from the home Internet.
Logins can easily get passwords. With their help, any criminal can go into a single Beeline personal account, enable call forwarding from your mobile to another person’s number in your personal account in order to communicate with your bankers on your behalf. According to this scheme, money was stolen from the customers of Tochka Bank with numbers associated with Beeline. Funds were withdrawn by the call of the “Points” robot, which dictated a code instead of SMS to the hacker.

Resetting the password from the mobile LAN will not help. To at least partially protect yourself, you need to change the password for the home Internet (in your account: “Settings” / “Password and access”). Then call Beeline, ask for your CTN digital login change, and never in your life link your bank accounts to Beeline numbers

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