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Beeline subscribers data leaked to the Internet

Sberbank did not have time to complete an internal investigation related to a major leak of customer data, as it became known that the personal information of millions of Beeline subscribers was on the Internet.

On one of the anonymous network resources, information appeared about the leak of personal data of approximately 8.7 million users of Beeline wired Internet access. According to VimpelCom, the owner of the Beeline brand, an operational headquarters was immediately created in the company to investigate the situation. It has been established that some of the information in the archive distributed by cybercriminals actually contains data from the subscriber base of fixed Internet access (BBA) clients, but a significant part of the information is outdated. “At the end of 2017, the company recorded a leak of some information about broadband customers due to malicious actions by a number of individuals. Measures were immediately taken to prevent the recurrence of such incidents and to hold those responsible to justice. It should also be noted that the Beeline broadband fixed Internet customer base at the end of the 2nd quarter of 2019 is 2.5 million subscribers, and not 8 million, as the attackers say, ”the operator said in an official statement. Beeline is taking measures to remove the personal data of clients from the Internet, however, repeated targeted actions by cybercriminals to publish this information are recorded. “We apologize to everyone who could be affected. Beeline is ready to work with every customer appeal about this. Unauthorized persons do not have the opportunity to carry out operations with the accounts and tariffs of our customers, ”the company adds.

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