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Found another new way to turn on the camera and read someone else’s correspondence in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has just closed the vulnerability through which Israeli spyware was installed on smartphones. The program allows you to turn on the microphone and camera on the device, read emails and messages, collect location data.

“Hole” in WhatsApp
Whatsapp discovered a vulnerability that allows you to remotely install malware on your smartphone. Using the vulnerability in the devices were introduced spyware under the name of Pegasus, created by the Israeli company NSO Group. This was reported by both companies, writes The Financial Times.

The vulnerability is associated with the function of making audio calls — to initiate the installation of malware, the offender is enough to call the victim’s phone on WhatsApp. The victim does not have to answer the call — the main thing that the call came to the device. This call can then simply disappear from the call log, the NSO Group reports, so that the user may not even know what was attacked. The scheme works for both Android smartphones and

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