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Google copied Apple 3D Touch technology

Google has added a 3D Touch-like feature to its Pixel smartphones that Apple used on the iPhone. It determines the force of pressing the display to interact with applications and the device’s interface, writes The Verge. The new feature is called the Android Deep Press API.

Google announced that the Android Deep Press API will appear in the next system update, which will be available to all Pixel users within a couple of weeks. The new function will allow you to quickly call the context menu. At first, it will work only for some applications – Launcher, Photos and Drive – but in the near future the company plans to expand this list.

Google representatives promise that with the function will become more diverse interaction with the smartphone’s interface and its applications. In this case, only the mode of action has become new – in fact, a strong press does the same as a normal long press – it brings up a context menu. This is stated in the Google documentation for the Android Deep Press API. It also indicates the reason why the function works with only a few applications – the developers simply did not add the ability to use it, since there were no analogues for Android smartphones until this moment.

It is noted that Google devices are not equipped with hardware for this function. The company used machine learning algorithms that detected strong and weak clicks on the screen – thus, it was implemented programmatically. To do this, Google measured the area of ​​contact of the finger with the screen, which, it is claimed, increases in proportion to the force of pressing. It is not yet known how well this function will work, implemented in software, writes The Verge.

In addition to the new feature, Google has also slightly changed Google Pay – in the version of the application that will be released in the March update, it will be possible to switch between payment cards by long clicking on the shortcut on the desktop. According to the developers, this will increase the usability of the application. Also, it will be possible to add boarding passes for flights to Google Pay – the company promised to carry out this function a year and a half ago. To do this, after buying a ticket from your smartphone, you need to take a screenshot of the screen with a QR code on the ticket, after which Google Pay will automatically add it to itself. In addition, the company’s developers added the ability to schedule the inclusion of a dark interface theme, improved the adaptive screen brightness, redesigned the list of actions when connected to a Wi-Fi network and introduced new emoji and AR effects for video chats in the Duo application.

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