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How Google tracks user purchases

The company did not explain why they collect such data.

Google stores information about online purchases by using Gmail email, which receives confirmations of payment for services and products.

The problem was noticed by one of the Reddit forum users, using the md3372 alias, who discovered that the Purchases page (“Purchases”) in his Google account stored information about all purchases made by him on Amazon and other online stores. In this case, md3372 did not use Google Pay to pay for purchases.

As stated in Google, information on purchases is available only to users to whom they belong, and this information can be deleted if desired. However, in practice it turned out that everything is not so simple. The company did not provide a single option to delete all data at once. Instead, users will need to open each purchase and click the Remove Purchase button, and then delete the original letter from which this information was extracted.

Google assured that the company does not use Gmail to display advertising to users and does not sell or share personal information (including information in Gmail and Google accounts) with advertising companies, but the technology giant did not explain why such information is being collected and why it is so difficult to delete. . According to the company, Google is considering the possibility of simplifying settings for more convenient control over information.

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