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Instagram selected the nickname of the user and gave it to the Royal family.

Instagram selected the nickname of the user and gave it to the Royal family.
Your instagram nickname is not a personal property that unconditionally belongs to you. This is what a resident of the UK learned when he woke up in the morning and found that his instagram username was taken away from him and transferred to a more popular user. In particular, members of the British Royal family.
Kevin Cayley, according to the BBC, is a regular fan of the football club “reading”, living in West Sussex in the UK. His instagram nickname, sussexroyal, was invented thanks to the pseudonym of the football club and his place of residence. Apparently, the same phrase occurred to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
In the end, nick took Kevin and instead gave him another @_sussexroyal_. It is important to note that unlike many stories about data stolen by hackers, this time the villain is Instagram itself.

Kaylee said radio bi-Bi-si, that no representative of the social network has not contacted him about the transfer user name sussexroyal other people, and that he was “annoyed” by all this. He says he used this account mainly for subscribing to other accounts and likes.

It is noteworthy that the representative of Instagram confirmed to the BBC that the social network took the nickname from Kaylee, citing the fact that the account was inactive and thus ripe for selection by other users. But what exactly does “inactive”mean? Can a rarely used account suddenly become “inactive” in the eyes of Instagram at a time when a famous person wants it?
On the help page for explaining the status of inactive accounts, the company does its best to provide as little information as possible.

“This account is defined as inactive based on a number of circumstances, including the date of account creation and whether shared account photos, comment on whether the photographs like whether the photos and whether the system,” reads the page. “Keep in mind that you may not be able to determine if an account is currently inactive because not all account activity can be viewed by the public.”

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