Secure corporate messenger with audio and video calls

We use a unique 15360 bit encryption.

It is possible to host the messenger software on your servers.


Today, even if you search, it is very difficult to find those people who do not communicate on the Internet using instant messengers. Statistics for the past year, for example, shows that only WhatsApp is installed in every second person – it is more than hundreds of millions of devices around the world.

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Everything that is used massively for communication is unsafe!

Take, for example, Skype, known to everyone and everyone. Just 10 years ago, it was a convenient, excellent and completely secure messenger. Even government officials could not crack it. Today, information security experts, unfortunately, do not guarantee the security of this protocol and system.

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Our product

Messenger is a modern, powerful, convenient and simple product, for people who care about their safety and are always in touch.

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How encryption works

You can independently check the encryption. Encrypt the message on your phone and send to the recipient’s device. If the recipient does not enter the decryption key on his phone, he will not be able to read your message.

ATTENTION! The encryption key is not transmitted to the recipient over the network. How to transfer the key to decrypt the recipient, you must provide for yourself.
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