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The Ministry of communications intend to create a Russian secure messenger

The Ministry of communications announced plans to create an alternative messenger, which should be a replacement for the Telegram blocked in Russia.

At a meeting with journalists, Minister of the Ministry Konstantin Noskov said that the government plans to “create an alternative secure messenger”, which should allow Russians to communicate safely. Messenger servers will be located in Russia according to the law on personal data.

Noskov added that because of the growing threats on the Internet, it will be “advisable to use Russian analogues of encrypted messengers.” The Minister also stressed that the “law on the sovereign Internet” correlates with the idea of creating an alternative messenger.

It is expected that the Russian analogue of Telegram will also have end-to-end encryption and end-to-end encryption, which “will not allow to receive correspondence to third parties”. Noskov did not name the exact date of the messenger’s release, but hinted that it could be launched simultaneously with the implementation of the “law on the sovereign Internet”.

Recall that Roskomnadzor in April last year blocked more than 16 million addresses, created failures in dozens of services, including domestic, but Telegram continued to work. By the end of the year, the Russian audience of the messenger approached the record levels of April, when the maximum attention was paid to Telegram. Now the monthly Russian telegram audience is 9.4 million people. Daily Telegram is used by 3.4 million people.

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