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Mobile dating apps turned out to be poorly protected

Russian users of mobile dating apps are easy targets for crackers. This conclusion was reached by Rostelecom Solar experts. They analyzed the 12 most popular applications in the Russian Federation for iOS and Android.

To check the security, experts used their own Solar appScreener tool. They calculated the number of vulnerabilities, studied encryption algorithms and assigned a score to each application. Maximum could earn 5 points.

The most insecure turned out to be applications for the iPhone. They all use weak hashing and encryption algorithms. An attacker can gain access to an account by completely sorting through the password options. The TopFace application, for example, got 0 points, the top Badoo and Tinder barely scored 0.5.

The main problem of Android applications is encryption keys embedded in the source code. They were found in 10 of 12 applications. The most vulnerable are MyFriends, TopFace and LovePlanet. Tinder and Badoo showed average results: 2.9 and 2.6 points, respectively. And in Dating Mail.Ru they generally found a critical vulnerability through which a hacker can get user credentials.

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