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5 messengers that are too tough for Roskomnadzor

Encrypted messaging applications that will not be affected by the new government regulator initiative

Roskomnadzor is developing a bill that should regulate the work of messengers in Russia. It is assumed that the work of messaging services will be limited: and this applies not only to the usual Viber, Whatsapp and Telegram, but also to social networks. Even if the authorities impose restrictions and approach the issue seriously, it is unlikely to become a hindrance for both ordinary users and attackers. “Iodine” found at least 5 messengers, which will not affect the possible restrictions.

The authors of the bill propose to prohibit messengers to work without a contract with the operator. In addition, the developers will have to notify Roskomnadzor about the work. The operator will be able to block traffic in case of violations, and the messaging can only allow identified users. The main reason for the alleged prohibitions is that popular messengers seem to be used for illegal actions. Previously, it was proposed to limit the work of individual messengers in Russia. For example, the deputies wanted to ban Telegram because it is used by terrorists. However, experts are sure that there will be no ban in fact and cannot be: it is simply impossible to implement technically.

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