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“Nobody needs me” is a bad argument against personal data protection measures.


People say, “I don’t care who and how is following me. Well, who needs me? ” We tell below who needs you.

1 – to your wife

Didn’t delete your browsing history? You are caught. Because you visit dating sites without using the Incognito tab.

If your tablet is registered to the same Gmail mail as your PC, then most likely the wife will be able to read correspondence and search queries.

Requests you enter even at work are saved in a special history, which can be viewed with access to the victim’s SIM card.

2 – Google Corporation

Google monitors all your activities on one device and adjusts the rest for you. If your children use your phone and your mother uses a tablet, they can learn a lot about you.

Notice when the encrypted search service disappeared? And we did not notice. Now Google searches only in unencrypted form, so that your relatives (and investigators) can find it easier. It’s good that the history of actions and searches can still be deleted!

3 – to your boss

For example, you tell the boss that you worked hard all week at home, on the project code. In fact, you drank alcohol and wandered around the cinema, and then wrote reviews of cool movies to a public channel in Telegram.

Do you think the boss will understand what you were doing?

4 – Colleagues

Have you subscribed to a group of fans of the legalization of medical cannabis on social networks? You can be sure that someone right will start to pin you up.

5 – To the Society

Collective photos and selfies have long become an investigation tool. Even uploading photos with friends online, you risk it. One of the people in the photo then turns out to be a bribe taker, the other – just scum. In a few years, someone will “dig” under these comrades and may think that you are part of the organization.

6 – Street packers

If you live in Russia, then you know that sometimes you can just walk past the theater and be “packed” with representatives of order. No password on Telegram? They will look at the pictures of your beauty, appreciate all her roundness and download to themselves, be sure.

– Complex passwords on phones, flash drives and computers.

– Full drive encryption on devices.

– One SIM card for work and banks, another for family and leisure.

– Negotiations only in Telegram or encrypted.

You don’t need all this because you are not interested, are you?

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