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Since may 5, Russia has entered new rules for registration in messengers.

In Russia came into force the rules of identification of users of messengers by phone number
Rules for identifying users of messengers in Russia by phone number came into force on Sunday, may 5.

The relevant government decree was published on 6 November 2018. According to the document, users will need to confirm that they own the phone number they are using. During the identification process, the messenger will send a request to the mobile operator to find out whether there is a subscriber in the database. The operator will have 20 minutes to provide an answer.

If the identification is successful, the database of mobile operators will enter information about the application in which their client is rewritten. The messenger will also assign a unique identification code to the user.

If the user terminates the contract with the operator, the messenger must be notified within 24 hours. After that, it is necessary to re-identify.

According to the decree, in the authentication messenger will be sent to the operator email the request number to be called. The operator, in turn, must provide information within 20 minutes of receiving the request. In the absence of a number in the database of the operator or failure to receive a response from the operator user identification is not passed. In such cases, the messenger refuses to provide services to the user.

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